Favorite Holiday EO’s to Diffuse

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on November 27, 2015

It’s the time of the year when family and friends get together for meals and gatherings.  For some people this is a joyous time and for others it may be a struggle.  Depending on the harmony of the people gathering for your holiday celebration here are some oils that you might consider diffusing.

Harmony – this doesn’t really need any explanation

Gathering – for family and friends coming together

Gratitude – foster a grateful attitude

Release – let go of frustration, anger and a bad attitude

Humility – we ALL need this, but some more than others

Grounding – can bring a reality check

Hope – for the hopeless

Joy – brings Joy to the heart

Believe – a light, fresh aroma that makes me smile every time.  Also – my theme!

Forgiveness – if there are any grudges or tension

Christmas Spirit – sets the mood for the holidays

Citrus Fresh – fresh, uplifting and happy

Peace & Calming – soothing

Stress Away – tropical and calming

Lavender – relaxing

White Angelica – negative emotions from negative attitudes

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