About Me

I have been a special education teacher for over 20 years. I work with elementary students who have hearing loss, learning disabilities, or behavior disorders. I am a widow, my husband passed away in 2005 leaving me with a wonderful almost 8 year old son at the time and two older step sons. My son left for college in September 2015 and I am now an “Empty Nester”. I do have 2 – 4 legged children though – One dog (Becca) and one cat (Baby).

I began my oil journey January 2014. I was searching for ways to incorporate natural products into my son’s and my life for a variety of issues. My son didn’t want to have anything to do with my “voodoo oils” but he has come around and left for college with his own Premium Starter Kit in hand!

I spent much of 2013 caring for my mother. My mother had cryptogenic genetic cirrhosis of the liver (Non-drinker). After a very bad summer of 2013 (and being on the transplant list off and on for 7 years), my mother received a new liver on 10/27/13! She is doing great now, but I did have to take 2 1/2 months off work to care for her and help her after her ‘new lease on life’! Oh – did I mention that she is using YL essential oils daily too??

I would LOVE to walk with you on your “Oily Journey”! 🙂 Contact me and I’ll work with you to figure out how Young Living Essential Oils can help YOU and your family! I have background and knowledge on Chronic Tic Disorder (just under Turrets), ADHD, Liver Disorders and transplant recovery, special education or just about anything! Also – I have a Zyto scanner to help you figure out what specific oils your body would benefit from most!

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